Who We Are

Since 1974 The Leahy Company has successfully reduced the cost of workers’ compensation insurance for over 80% of our clients with annual premiums in excess of $50,000. These results are the outcome of a complete review of our clients’ Experience Rating Modifications and, when appropriate, classification codes, payroll, and other modifiers.

The Leahy Company is a licensed insurance consultant, not an agent or broker. The Premium Recovery Service is performed on a contingency fee basis. We put the risk for performance (delivering results) on our shoulders, not on our clients’. Not only is there no financial risk, there is virtually no investment of time during the first phase (Experience Rating Modification review).

All of the work is initially performed at our offices and the information required from the client can typically be put together in 15 minutes or less. If, during the Experience Modification Rating review, a potential opportunity is identified regarding payrolls and classification codes, then a second phase (Final Audit Review) will be scheduled including an on-site analysis.

Our Premium Recovery Service is risk free and hassle free. The contingency based fee guarantees that our clients pay only for results, not just effort or good intentions. It is the perfect weapon in the fight to contain workers’ compensation costs and return those dollars to your bottom line.

What Our Clients Are Saying...
“I want to thank you and your staff for another job well done in recovering an additional $16,511 in overpaid workers’ compensation premium expenses. Again, you were true to your word when you said you would save us money with virtually no effort on our part. We have never recouped funds already spent so painlessly – a wonderful boost to our bottom line.”

Director, Human Resources

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