How We Work

The goal of The Leahy Company’s Workers’ Compensation Premium Recovery Service is to discover errors made during the calculation of your premium. Our initial emphasis is to investigate the process that was utilized to determine your current and prior Experience Rating Modifications. If errors are discovered, The Leahy Company will work with the insurance carrier(s) and the proper rating authority to have them corrected. The result is a reduction of your current premium and/or a refund on premiums that you have already paid. Our invoice is issued only after you have actually received your refund, credit, or premium reduction.

This initial phase (Experience Rating Modification Review) is conducted in our office and their is no need to visit your premises. All that is required of you is a signed Letter of Agreement and five original Letters of Authority (these allow us to obtain the necessary data directly from the insurance carrier(s) and rating authority). Copies of final audit statements and information pages from policies are helpful from a time standpoint, but not mandatory. This information typically requires about 15 minutes of your time to gather.

When our review identifies errors, we contact the insurance carrier(s) and/or rating authority to have them corrected. We will follow-up until the appropriate actions are taken and the requested revisions are applied. Finally, we will insure that the resulting refund, credit, or premium reduction is applied to your account.

While the Experience Rating Modification Review phase is underway we will also conduct a preliminary analysis of the payrolls and classifications. This will include a brief telephone conversation with you to identify any concerns you may have regarding how your employees are classified, the payrolls being used, and how the insurance company conducts the annual audit. If this leads us to conclude that there is potential for a premium refund then we will schedule an on-site visit for the Final Audit Review phase.

This on-site visit should not require more than an hour of your time to provide a brief tour of your facility and to answer questions regarding job descriptions, etc. After that our auditor will spend some time (typically not more than a couple of hours) reviewing your payroll records. If errors are identified we will provide detailed instructions on how to obtain the refund that you are due.

What Our Clients Are Saying...
“We were pleasantly surprised (as you promised) with the minimally invasive process and professionalism of the Leahy staff. Moreover we were thoroughly impressed with the significant financial recovery that we obtained. Your audit review resulted in the lowering of several years of our Experience Ratings and over $1.0 million dollars in refunded premiums.”

Vice President & Controller

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